Can Applescript Be Used to Trigger a Quick Action Such as Creating A?

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Can AppleScript be used to trigger a quick action such as creating a PDF from selected files?

For purposes of this answer I'm going to assume you want to use a machine translation tool like Google Translate to convert a PDF file into another language. You just want an idea of what it says and don't need an accurate translation done by an expert. Easy peasy. As I'm sure you know, there are two types PDF files. For brevity, we'll call them "live" and "dead." If your file is "live," you can simply open the file, select and copy its contents, and paste them into Google Translate. Voila — nstant translation! Of course, of your PDF document is lengthy, you will be limited to translating a few paragraphs at a time. However, that won't work of your file is "dead," meaning it is a scanned copy of a hard copy document — essentially a photograph. In order for Google Translate to handle that type of file, it must be run through an OCR reader. If this type of thing is a recurring need for you, you will want to invest in some software. If this is a one-time need, and the file is something you don't mind putting out there in the "cloud," you might consider using a free online OCR converter like this one.convert PDF to Word or Image to text. One thing to watch out for.OCR readers don't do a flawless job. Depending on the quality of the image, the output file will contain errors.

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You will not only get your translated text, but also potentially any additional information which was necessary for reading the PDF document. These errors could be minor — for example, a word on their own line might not be translated correctly or not at all. However, you might be able to use the text as a guide for other language translations. I would recommend scanning your translation file and pasting the text into our site Translate. You can now get back to work, looking for the perfect words to translate into your client's language. In my opinion, you should also use another program that is written for other languages. If you have not found a tool yet, and your file is only PDF, you need to start here if you can. If your file is a file that is PDF and is a scanned copy of the original file for a specific purpose, you can.

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