How Can I Create a Vector File from a PDF File of a Floorplan?

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How can I create a vector file from a pdf file of a floorplan/blueprint?

Open it in Online Pdf Creator Illustrator. PDF files are already vector-based internally

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Create PDF: All You Need to Know

Adobe made several attempts to fix this problem before coming up with PDF.js. PDF.js lets you create PDF documents with a number of unique benefits. It's a full browser based solution, allowing you to write in either HTML or TypeScript. The user interface is fully responsive making it easy for designers to create their documents. To install PDF.js, install browser as a dependency in your webpack build script using NPM install browserify-webpack Once browser is installed, install PDF.js from NPM using NPM install PDFs. Add PDFs to your webpack loader for now. Add the PDF.js to your HTML with HTML5 Canvas. It will look something like this: