How Can You Embed All Fonts in a Word Document to Create a PDF?

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How can you embed all fonts in a Word document to create a PDF?

Unfortunately if your intention is to just CTRL+C and CTRL+V, it won't work. As other answers have clearly elaborated, you will need to find and install a 3rd party software that is capable of doing this. Alternatively, you can also find websites that will convert the documents. You will just need to upload the file onto said site. Considering these are short stories you wish to compile, I assume it shouldn't be a problem. I'd be wary of uploading any sensitive information. A quick Google search should help you with the software/website you need.

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The most helpful site for this would be this web address: You can search for the file name or the text you wish to edit and even find online services that would create it for you. I'd probably use the software/website mentioned in this guide. A good site to use is this one: This will allow you to edit the documents, and it also makes it available online. I'd recommend using a different browser than Chrome. If you have used Chrome before, you may have used Chrome's autoupdate feature. While Chrome does have something similar for saving bookmarks to disk, it only works in Chrome's background mode. It also does this by default, making it the worst auto-save app I've ever encountered. Chrome will not save your document, even if it is saved for future reference. It will instead give you the option to “Save to Disk” as a default. What.