How Do I Create A Link To Open A PDF File?

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How do I create a link to open a PDF file?

The ‘trick’ involved in “… link(ing) to a PDF document…” is to first know where the PDF is located via it’s fully qualified file name (e.g. path of folders and file name) on your PC, or it’s URL (Universal Resources Locator) on the Internet. LOCAL A local link might typically be used inside a Word or Excel document to a local PDF. Here’s a sample fully qualified file name from my local PC C.\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\2SSCom Favorites\Maintenance Regiment & Support tools from 2SS. Com\Brochure Win 7,8,10 MAINTENNACE REGIMENT.pdf (A space at 2SS.|Com above to keep Quora form misinterpreting.) Linking to that PDF document in Word involves typing the desired ‘link text’ (I used ’Sample PDF’), selecting and right-clicking on that text, and then choosing the [Link] command which displays the ‘Insert Hyperlink’ window as shown in the sample below. INTERNET Linking to that PDF document online, or so that it’s available to link to from anywhere (e.g. inside a document, EMail message, website, Quora answer, etc.) involves similar steps to do whatever is needed to create a working (e.g. ‘click-able’) link. In Word or Excel using some ‘link text’ or even an image, the steps are the same as above, but with the the URL inserted as the ‘Address’ at the bottom, instead of the fully qualified file name. If no ‘link text’ is desired in Word, Excel, an HTML Email message, or even a Quora answer you can paste-in the full link. Here’s a working sample. Finally, here’s another example of linking a PDF using Quora’s tools to link the sample PDF to some ‘link text’… Sample PDF

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Create PDF: All You Need to Know

After you are done, just select the “Markup” tool to add content to the file while adding the link to your website. Click on markup, ‖ and choose any text to be added. After your have added the link in your PDF file, you will be asked if you want to apply the markup to the entire PDF file. You can choose yes to proceed and then select mark button to add the final contents like paragraph, line, image etc and click ‑Mark‖ button again to mark the text as well as exit. And as the result, you will receive a link to your website.

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