How Do I Create a Script to Automatise PDF Creation in Illustrator Cc?

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How do I create a script to automatise PDF creation in Illustrator CC 2017?

Hi Leonard, First, working in Illustrator creates a working file (AI)…one in which you keep so you can easily go back to make changes…it’s editable. If it’s an Illustrator file with fonts not outlined, save it as such. That being said, there are many different ways to create a PDF so if you think saving an Illustrator file as a PDF solely to keep the file size down, it’s not recommended, at all because you won’t necessarily know how that file was created without digging in to it. And if you have to do that you might as well save it as a native file to begin with. However, if you are sharing a file, sending it to a printer (always contact them to ask them how t prefer their PDF files…with or without crops etc) or as a proof for a client or as a downloadable lead magnet then “saving as a copy” and making it a PDF is your best bet. That way you always have your original editable AI file. On a side note, if you are sending someone an EPS file, it’s best to outline the fonts so there are no issues especially if you don’t want the text edited (there are ways around this if t want) but t simply might need the file for a t-shirt printer or a sign maker etc….those that need files in EPS (vector outlined) format. AI. text editable Illustrator file EPS. art editable Illustrator file, fonts outlined PDF. zillion different ways to create a PDF and this is typically a deliverable, not a working file. I hope that helps. Keep your files organized, labeled properly and always use the proper program to create professional designs. Just because you CAN create something in Photoshop (layout for a brochure for example)….don’t. It’s not meant for that, it’ll create a huge raster file (not scalable) and being a designer that works in printing I’m begging you to please, never do that. Take care.

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