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How do I create an Epub 3 file from a .doc or .pdf file quickly?

Yep. Both of those options are absolutely the WORST ways to create an ePub, and you should avoid using either one - unless you're just doing so for a personal ePub. PDF is a print format. It's not an ebook format, and it shouldn't EVER be used. .DOC is a Word file, and it's going to be filled with all kinds of "Word Bloat;" unnecessary formatting that makes the resulting ePub file unnecessarily HUGE. Your best best for creating a professional ePub or Mobi file is to get Jutoh or Scrivener and create the file from there. Those programs cost money. If you're short on funds, then get a copy of LibreOffice with the Writer2ePub extension and create your ePub using that tool. In any case, if you're copying/pasting from Word to Jutoh or Scrivener or LibreOffice, then you need to nuke the excess formatting by copying the file to a pure text editor and then copying the file from there to the end program. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me; I help get authors published every day.

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There was no need to modify the below URL. I just added the link. You can also go to the website directly, and you do not need to visit the embedded pages. DJU: Fixed Layout | Source Step 2: Apply corrections to the DJU file: DJU has a preset correction options of the printer which will be applied by the publishing software. To apply this correction, I used this software, Adobe Reader Adobe DJU Digraph As a last step, I saved your corrected PDF file under the same name (and folder) as the original (this is how the original file is created in the first place). Now you should be ready to export all your files from DJU to DJU: Fixed Layout! So, what you will need to do in order to export all your files back to PDF: Launch Adobe DJU: Fixed Layout. Adobe Reader will launch. Click “Export to PDF” Click “Save As”.

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