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How do I upload .PDF files on a personal website (www.*****com created on WordPress with personal unlimited hosting excluding videos)?

If you look at the numbers and simply observe what the statistical majority of business owners and business entities around the world do, the answer is clearly WordPress. WP owns the planet in terms of use. I think issues or points of confusion arise due to WordPress’ initial relatively easy ease of use - the plus side of this is that more people us WP than any other “building platform” than any other on Earth. The downside to this truth is that conversely, WP attracts many hobbyists or people who just want to experiment with potential ideas without investing any money in them to actually give them a chance at succeeding. So since it’s so popular, it attracts more people who aren’t developers downloading dangerous plugins, using themes that aren’t vetted or safe, or creating generic sites that don’t attract actual needed sales. Also, I know it’s nit-picking but WordPress org is not a website or platform; but a website that contains the WP Content Management System for download, has support forums, instructional tutorials, and so on. It’s a very minor difference, but one that some people get stuck on. As much as I love Go Daddy the hosting company, t’re not a web design or SEO agency. So their “website tonight” packages are more PowerPoint templates for websites that people can purchase, without SEO or content marketing strategies. Really, what it comes down to in the end is creating a website that attracts sales, referrals, donors, more people who come to a site - and that can’t happen without good SEO that’s monitored and regularly tweaked, great recurring content, innovative mobile-first design, and some advertising. Wix and Weebly and Squarespace are all fine for hobbies that do not need to support a family or build a business on (and the same is true for generic WP DIY sites) wherein your site might look good or be good enough but the most important is to remember that you’re trying to capture leads and get more business. That requires involvement from someone who’s talented at bringing together the different elements of internet marketing - content, SEO, design, PPC advertising, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, mobile-design and testing, SSL, and other factors.

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Hotmail,,, etc. But DomainRacer would also accommodate any new website as well as add new options if need be.