I Need to Create One Infographic for a Charity Event in PDF Format?

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I need to create one infographic for a charity event in PDF format. Which free inforgraphic software should I use?

The applications depend highly on the requirements of the output and the preferences of the designer. Like in any other craft, the used tools will inevitably influence the end result. Here are some tools we use at Interactive Things.1. Exploration To clean up the raw data we often use tools like. Sketching / Concept / Strategy We start with the basics of pen and paper to rapidly sketch out ideas. After that we decide on the most readable, elegant and engaging visualization techniques to represent the data. We then move on with these concepts and evaluate feasibility and the best fitting technology to use. 3. Design & Implementation Oftentimes we can't really separate these two steps as we use scripts to generate vector graphics that then get refined manually in other applications. 3.1 Generating the graphs If the data is too complex to produce the visualization manually, we write helper programs that generate the vectors for us based on the data. Oftentimes we do this by using Javascript and SVG or Processing while we store the data in a plain JSON or XML file. 3.2 Refine the graphs After that, we open up the SVG in a vector editing application like Online Pdf Creator Illustrator where we refine the visualization and put everything else in place. This step includes creating the layout, setting the typography of the title, labels, legends, source and additional copy. Furthermore this is when we finalize the color scheme. In certain cases we take the artwork to Photoshop to add some finishing touches. 3.3 Post Production To optimize the images for media (print or web) and devices we take some additional steps in Online Pdf Creator Photoshop or Online Pdf Creator to ensure a streamlined production process. 3.5 Interactive With the raise of the market share of modern web browsers, we use HTML5 as our primary tool for interactive visualizations for the web. We rely on libraries like

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We then start from basic HTML or HTML5 in order to quickly construct interactive charts and graphics. This involves setting variables, creating the elements of the charts, loading the data and so on. Sometimes we use external libraries but in most cases we do it on our own. 3.6 The end You then take the created documents as-is and send it back to our team. They will review each page with its content in mind. They will make corrections and add the necessary tags, so we can import it into our application.

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