I Need to Use the Font Souvenirstd Demi?

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I need to use the font SouvenirStd-Demi, -Light, -DemiItalic to create a PDF. Where can I find these fonts legally?

I’d check with a lawyer but if you only have a personal use license that means that you cannot use it on non-personal/commercial projects. I would check with the people who sold/licensed the icon to you. Some may let you get away with the commercial use

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If you have contacted one of these companies before I am very confident that the Icon you need is not available from them. But here is one thing I would recommend: don't try to negotiate with them for a price. The idea of using their icon for a commercial website/app is pretty absurd. If you can just give them the money for the icon then I recommend trying to find a way to offer a free alternative, like a website widget or a free e-book or something. They just want something for nothing, so if you can negotiate a deal to just get the icon then please do. But if you really can't afford it (or you don't have one) then that's okay too. Just remember that by asking for a price it may seem like a huge deal to them, but it is really not, since it's not.