What Is The Best PDF Library For C#?

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What is the best PDF library for C#?

Powerful in what way? Using C# you have more power over time. You can develop more quickly. The abstractions that C# provides can be a lifesaver when you’re racing the clock. Using C# you have the power of the CLR. Since the CLR compiles just in time, it has the advantage of knowing specifics about its execution environment and its past executions (in the lifetime of the process). Using this information it can sometimes be more performant. Using C# you have more power of choice. You can use C# to develop almost any type of application. web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, games, and simple command line apps. Sure you can do this all in C/++ but a lot of the pieces aren’t in place to make it easy. Using C# you have the power of safety. While you can have unsafe code and deal with pointers, generally you don’t need to in C#. In addition, with the C# team thinking about adding nullable reference types in C# 8, you will have the safety of avoiding many runtime errors. Using C# you have the power of the garbage collector. Instead of having to destruct all of your objects, the runtime will do it for you. A lot of these things can at times be double edged swords. Because C# has garbage collection, you might run into performance issues programming games. Because you have the CLR you rely on computers having it to run your code. And in general, while it’s possible for the CLR to produce faster code, in practice C/++ code will be more performant. It all comes down to what do you want to do and what is the right tool for the job. In my opinion though, for most use cases it’s hard to go wrong with C#.

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The power of C# is in its ease of use, and the power in its power over time. In that sense C# is a win for all programmers. So what other language could I suggest for your next language? Well C# is an imperative language and thus is designed around the imperative (a form of) programming. If you are working in a domain that is primarily imperative, then it isn’t going to be very friendly. However, if your domain is primarily declarative/descriptive, then you will find it a great fit. The downside of all of this is that it might not be suited for everything. For many domain experts who are working with imperative APIs, C# is very natural. To someone who is new to programming, or who just doesn’t know C# well, C# can seem a bit daunting. So what do you have to lose by learning a language.

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