What Is the Largest Single PDF File with the Most Pages You Have Ever?

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What is the largest single PDF file with the most pages you have ever created?

The file transfer protocols, e.g. SSH/SCP or FTP, do not have a maximum size. HTTP, while not designed as a file transfer protocol, is often used to upload files. The protocol does not have a size limit, but most implementations do impose size limits. The content-length HTTP header field can be any number but most web browser and/or web server implementations treat it as a signed or unsigned 32 bit integer, limiting the HTTP POST content to 2 or 4GB. The underlying TCP protocol has a 32-bit sequence number space, but reusing (wrapping) numbers is allowed as long as it doesn’t happen too quickly. In cases where it might happen to quickly (e.g. 40Gb/s Ethernet), there is a TCP option to logically increase the size of the TCP sequence space which is used by modern TCP implementations, so TCP doesn’t impose a limit. But, let’s have some fun and find a practical maximum size. If you have 100Mb/s broadband, that’s a transfer rate of 10MB/s on an uncrowded Internet. You could transfer around 1 TB a day. 1 TB is probably close to the maximum practical limit and it would probably take most of a week because you’won’t actually get 120Mb/s across the Internet from your house.

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I ran my first run of 0.zip 10 trillion times. Each run created a zip file that grew by about 1 million bytes each time I ran it. Finally, I have a backup of 0.zip at my university. I would expect 0.zip to only grow in megabytes by the number of atoms in the universe. Note: A million is 1 million billion (1 followed by 28 zeros), so 10000 megabits is 1.

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